fail2ban send automatic abuse email

I configured the fail2ban service to send out an automatic abuse email to the abuse contact for the IP range. To detect the right abuse contact the service is queried.The following system tools need to be installed: At first configure a new action target, a new default action and make sure that mta is ... Weiterlesen

Puppet kernel_module load module

This Puppet module could be called the following way: # load the Linux kernel module ipmi_devintf kernel_module { 'ipmi_devintf': ensure => present } /etc/puppet/modules/kernel_module/manifests/init.pp # Taken from: # Made it work under $osfamily rhel define kernel_module ($ensure) { case $osfamily { redhat: { if ! defined(File["/etc/rc.modules"]) { file { "/etc/rc.modules": ensure => present, owner ... Weiterlesen