Debian 11 - DNS test DoT and DoH with dig

If you maintain a DNS resolver, you need to test different protocols these days. DoT (TLS), DoH (HTTPS) and regular DNS via UDP and TCP are all subjects of a modern resolver. Unfortunately unbound and dig on Debian Bullseye both come without DoH support. Either the version is too old or the necessary compile flags ... Weiterlesen

Bind9 native DoT and DoH support

Bind9 is supporting DoT and DoH natively since a while now. There is no need to run another Server in front of the most current Bind9 major version anymore. DoT support was added with release 9.17.7 DoH support was added with release 9.17.10 Because most Linux distributions ship older versions of Bind9 with their stable ... Weiterlesen

nslookup query specific dns server

To query a specific nameserver with the nslookup util execute it as follows: $ nslookup - > Server: Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: Address: > exit In this example I query the Google Nameserver ( for my own domain The nameserver could be specified as IP address or fqdn. und Googles öffentliche Nameserver

Google hat vor einiger Zeit seinen freien Nameserver Cache Dienst online gestellt. Die IP Adressen sind aufgrund des sehr solventen "Kunden" Google sehr easy zu merken. Optimal für den temporären Gebrauch im Knoppix, wenn gerade mal kein DHCP Server da ist oder nachts im Rechenzentrum für den Laptop :) Google DNS Cache 1: Google ... Weiterlesen