ClamAV Milter E-Mail notification

When running Postfix with clamav-milter you often configure the server to reject the email on SMTP time. It's possible to let the recipient know, that an email contained a virus and was rejected with the following configuration in /etc/clamav/clamav-milter.conf In order to generate the notification email I created a very simple Python script to compose ... Weiterlesen

Process Munin RRD files with Python

Today I wanted to process an Munin RRD file with Python, in order to create an Plotly chart. The result can be found here. The use-case doesn't really matter, it could also be an export to JSON or any other sort of post-processing. It also doesn't matter which Munin database is used, they all contain ... Weiterlesen

DejaVu Webfont Download

I wanted to use the DejaVu Sans Mono font for the new code boxes of the blog, because it was the default console font for many Linux distributions a while ago and still has a solid layout with very good functionality for coding purposes. It turned out that it's unnecessarily hard to find the latest ... Weiterlesen

GeneratePress Customizing

Recently I switched to the modern and clean GeneratePress Theme. It has a great documentation and development spirit as well. If you want to customize your theme and e.g. edit the functions.php or use some add_shortcode() functionality for your WordPress installation, the first thing you have to do is to create a child theme. Otherwise ... Weiterlesen

Alexa Shopping list items to TickTick

Update: IFTTT has native TickTick support now.Just visit Since Wunderlist is shutting down it's service a lot of users might search for a new shopping list app. For us TickTick was the best fit....but it doesn't offer an Alexa skill for every language - only english. While I'm writing this blogpost in English my ... Weiterlesen