DejaVu Webfont Download

I wanted to use the DejaVu Sans Mono font for the new code boxes of the blog, because it was the default console font for many Linux distributions a while ago and still has a solid layout with very good functionality for coding purposes. It turned out that it's unnecessarily hard to find the latest ... Weiterlesen

GeneratePress Customizing

Recently I switched to the modern and clean GeneratePress Theme. It has a great documentation and development spirit as well. If you want to customize your theme and e.g. edit the functions.php or use some add_shortcode() functionality for your WordPress installation, the first thing you have to do is to create a child theme. Otherwise ... Weiterlesen

Alexa Shopping list items to TickTick

Update: IFTTT has native TickTick support now.Just visit Since Wunderlist is shutting down it's service a lot of users might search for a new shopping list app. For us TickTick was the best fit....but it doesn't offer an Alexa skill for every language - only english. While I'm writing this blogpost in English my ... Weiterlesen

SSH Server Upload Speed Limit

Some daemon processes which handle user connections don't have an internal mechanism to limit the bandwidth. One popular example is OpenSSH. In theory SFTP could eat up all the bandwidth available, which is especially bad for home connections, since a fully utilized uplink is sometimes worse than a fully utilized downlink. In order to apply ... Weiterlesen

Debian 10 - PHP / Matomo GeoIP2 Installation

The old GeoIP legacy release (aka. GeoIPCity.dat) has been deprecated and doesn't receive updates for quit some time. It will get removed from Matomo with the next major release.If you would like to have accurate location detection in Matomo / Piwik the new GeoIP2 module should be used. Since Debian Buster doesn't ship it with ... Weiterlesen